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Seahawk Investments | Fonds

Seahawk Equity Long Short Fund

The Seahawk Equity Long Short Fund (Inception: May 15, 2019) focusses on the sectors of transportation and energy and related industries:

airlines, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, air freight, airports, aerospace industry and defence, aircraft leasing

Shipping and other transport companies
dry-bulk, containers, crude, refined, chemical, LPG and LNG tankers, ports, logistics and courier services, railways

Exploration and Production, Oil Services and Equipment, Integrated Oil Companies, Renewable Energy

The fund will invest in the above segments of energy and transportation as well as related and other industries. The fund will use low correlations between the sectors and the broader market to provide a balanced exposure. The fund will take long and short positions in equity instruments and derivatives and be either net long or net short at any one time. Overall the fund is aiming at a balanced portfolio exposure with an average equity market beta of between +0.25 to +0.65.

Within the fund a combined top-down bottom-up strategy is implemented. At first the attractiveness of the individual focus sectors and subsectors is assessed and the fund’s sector exposure is determined. Subsequently, a  fundamental individual security analysis leads to the individual portfolio positioning.